Artist Statement


I might be described as someone who is absent from reality and invites chaos to the event that is my life. I often hear:

“Are you just constantly on the verge of tragedy?”

“Sometimes I wonder, how are you still alive..?”

“Emma, you just always seem to be confused.”

My goal in my work is to use comedy to transform tragic content, into relatable, humorous art. My art stems from my personal everyday existential confusion, awkward experiences, confessions, and the holy mess of my unfunctional life.

I want my work to be prescribed relief for people’s psychaches. I wish to spark bliss through my comics and illustrations and to pause the intolerable pain created from the absence of joy. I have come to realize that a huge reason I create is to attempt to comfort. I strive to make people laugh… but after I make them cry! I feel emotion to an extreme level and I strive to comfort those who are equally harassed by their empathy.

I am a huge participant of severe emotion and  I like to illustrate unprovoked aggression and I use abrasive vocabulary to make myself and the viewer, feel disgusted and absolutely gorgeous.